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adidas: a kick-ass brand - from humble beginnings

Want a quick rags-to-riches story? Adolf Dassler (as Adi) founded adidas after returning from World War I, and he made the first shoes in his mother's laundry room in Germany! The name adidas was coined from his nickname, and his brother Rudolf joined him in 1924, making the start of adidas a real family story. The iconic three-stripe logo came later in the history of the brand after the 1952 Summer Olympics - it was traded from Finnish brand Karhu Sports. And the price? Two bottles of whiskey and 1,600 euros! You've probably noticed that today, adidas and its subsidiary companies Reebok, Matix and Runtastic are among the most successful footwear, sportswear and casual-wear brands in the world - be part of this iconic fashion phenomenon.