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Get Some Instant Girl Power with Buffalo Corin Platform Sneakers

Germany's Buffalo label takes things to another level, with its colourful, playful, and super-comfortable collection of platform trainers. Designed for women who love to mix the worlds of sports and leisure, the label's Corin shoes are among the most dynamic around, sporting 90s-style looks, and refinements that make them comfier than ever.

Statement shoes to impress everyday

When they appeared in the mid-1990s, Corin trainers came out of nowhere, surprising women's footwear fans with their fresh looks. In fact, they were so fresh, that the Spice Girls embraced their aesthetic, making platform trainers one of the must-have trends of the decade. Now, Buffalo Corin trainers are well and truly back. with a whole new set of designs to elevate your everyday footwear collection.

Platform trainers with looks to die for

The first thing that strikes the eye when checking out Buffalo Corins is their extra-thick sole, which gives them a unique retro charm. Raising the wearer an inch or more off the ground, these padded soles feel responsive and comfortable, while complementing the shoes' dazzling variety of coloured and decorated uppers. With glitter-covered shoes, pink designs, leopard prints, all-yellow luminous models, and attention-grabbing options with artistic prints, there's a Buffalo Corin to show off everyone's footwear taste.

Make Buffalo Corin trainers part of your urban fashion rotation

Back in the 90s, Buffalo shoes were worn with trainer and vest combos, casual dresses, camo trousers, skirts and sweaters - whatever girls felt like throwing on at the time. The versatility of Corins means that you can mix and match them with almost any urban garments, creating a casual look that will stand out on the streets. Whether you couple them with jeans, yoga pants, or smart trousers, they won't let you down.

Choose the perfect pair of Corin trainers at the Foot Locker store

If you want to join the girl power revival, or you just love the look of Buffalo shoes, Foot Locker is the best place to shop. Our online store delivers great prices across the Buffalo Corin range, and the selection features all of the German brand's finest creations. From bright pink Corins to charismatic prints, and cool-silver looks, there's a set of platform trainers to fit your tastes. So have a look around, and make a Corin purchase today.