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Converse: Classic American Sneakers

Because of their long history, Converse has achieved something something special in the footwear industry. The company was started in 1908 in America, when they invented flexible, rubber soled shoes for basketball players. In 1923, American basketball player Charles H. "Chuck" Taylor went to Converse looking for a solution for his sore feet, and he soon became an ambassador and salesman for the brand. Many models still feature his name today. Chuck Taylor All Stars and One Star became names that would be on the lips of the fashion conscious for decades to come. Converse shoes gained widespread streetwear appeal in the 80s, giving their iconic design a retro association today. Now, the timeless classic design lives on well beyond its years on the basketball court. The most outstanding part of the shoe's basic design is that it has barely changed in all these years. Today, Converse continues to push boundaries while still remaining loyal to the classic original look.

Retro Style Everyday

Converse trainers have a retro look that makes them super wearable, with an easygoing vibe like no no other trainers. With their iconic white rubber toe and classic design, they have long been associated with bands and musicians, and have an alternative feeling. While the brand specialises in that relaxed street style, every now and then they'll put out something a bit different and take everyone by surprise. Take the Hello Kitty kids collection, for example, or the womens' Ctas Ox Ruffle trainers in pretty pastel shades with ruffles all around the ankle. From fur-lined All Stars to perforated Chuck Taylors and tartan wool boots, the range is anything but boring. New styles always feature the famous details that make Converse unique but with a modern twist to keep them interesting and on-trend.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The amazing thing about Converse trainers and their retro look is that they look good with almost any outfit. You can wear them with jeans, sweatpants, skirts, dresses and shorts, and they never look out of place. The versatile trainers are great for dressing down a smarter outfit to make it more casual or comfortable. There is a huge selection of colours, patterns and designs available in the famous Converse low-top or hi-top style. The bright white sole and toe cap, the red, blue or black stripes, the round, metal eyelets and the iconic star logos make the trainers stand out among a sea of clones. Throughout the years the brand has collaborated with celebrities and taken inspiration from music, cartoon characters and sports to create limited editions. The constant evolution has kept the brand fresh despite still being based on the legendary original design from a century ago. Converse are always bang up-to-date with trends, whether it's metallics and sequins, or through their collaborations with fashion labels like Comme des Garçons, tattoo artists like Dr. Woo and influencers like Chiara Ferragni. Working with other designers and artists breathes new life into the collection season after season. Previous limited edition designs have incorporated everything from Dr. Suess to Metallica and Super Mario Bros. to Jimi Hendrix. The brand perfectly blends fashion and fun.

Converse Trainer Deals at Footlocker

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