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Jordan Paris Saint Germain

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The Air Jordan PSG brings the worlds of professional basketball and soccer together at last

The Air Jordan series is more than just a collection of shoes. It’s an institution that has reformed the landscape of cool for decades. Each year sees the revelation of a new Air Jordan, a new mix of the revolutionary and iconic features of the past combined with something new and unexpected. The Jordan PSGdoes something utterly unforeseen and breeds the oomph of basketball shoes with the sleek, smooth style of soccer boots. Inspired by the growing presence and popularity of the Jordan brand in Paris, the designers at Nike partnered with football club Paris Saint-Germain to offer something next-level.

Inspired by action on the court and the pitch but built for the street

Designed to add the swagger of the Jordan brand to the passion and precision of the soccer boot, the Jordan PSG sneaker is a slick and stylish piece of footwear ideal for bringing some welcome flash to a daily outfit. Though the design is inspired by the sports technology of both basketball and soccer, the shoe itself is aimed primarily at the streetwear aficionado, offering an understated cool that is a new frontier of flavour for the Jordan brand.

A combination of styles that are more than the sum of their parts

This parred down style takes the form of a more generous use black and white, the colours of the PSG kit, with dashes of Jordan-inspired red to set things off. The silhouette is still distinctly Air Jordan with the PSG-inspired tweaks coming in the form of a lace-up layout and flap off the heel-tab that tips the cap to the traditional style of pitch boots.

Finally, an Air Jordan with versatility as its marker

While the Jordan PSG maintains the impact that is befitting a Jordan sneaker, the new additions create an understated cool that increases its versatility. Ideal for combos with sport shorts for either basketball or soccer, it will also look just as at home at the foot of a jeans and jacket combo.

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