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How Nike Shox Came About

It was in 1984 that Nike designers decided to incorporate steel springs to the midsole of running shoes to enhance the vitality and running economy. They continued to experiment on different mechanical aspects, striving to find the ultimate stability and cushioning. In 1997, the twin plate arrangement with foam segments gave rise to the first Nike Shox. Today, Shox has made a comeback with a new structure. A simple idea started from scratch came into reality in March 2017. It is one of the brand’s swiftest creations and an expression of specialized mastery of the team behind it.

What Sets Nike Shox Apart?

The physical sensation of wearing Nike Shox is distinctive: imagine the light and floaty feeling of skiing in fresh powder. The latest Shox model is based on this feeling plus aesthetics. The outsole, puck, pillar and plate integrate flawlessly to give a stunning underfoot experience. With an excellent fit and upper containment, Nike Shox gives a more balanced experience that is hard to find in the past models. The layout is one of the greatest accomplishments and swiftest structures for athletic feet from Nike. What’s more, early 2018 saw the Shox Gravity with extra colourways.

To combat the issue of a less stable heel strike in previous models, the Nike Shox comes with second density EVA technology for the midsole. The Shox units have decent degrees of cushioning for people with overpronation issues. The rear foot stability is excellent for serious runners. With great ankle support and loads of plush softness from the insole, this pair is great for activities like dancing that are hard on your feet.

Run in Style with Shox Technology

Are you a sneaker enthusiast and prefer a responsive feel from a classic running shoe? Expect a lighter but faster ride from Nike Shox. It’s a great option for modern styles. If you don’t like them with jeans, try mixing up the pair with tracksuit bottoms or a vintage coat.

Get Nike Shox at Foot Locker

The Shox design is so versatile that it pairs flawlessly with a multitude of outfits. You can bring a modern twist to something traditional or make the shoes the focal piece for your basic outfit. If you haven’t rocked a pair yet, pick a pair of Nike Shox from our comprehensive selection.