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Nike Tech Essentials

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Sprint into the future with Nike Tech Essentials

The Nike Tech Essentials collection is now available at Foot Locker. This innovative collection of apparel for both men and women offers a new level of synthesis between active streetwear and the cutting-edge of athletic performance technology. Nike Essentials blend fashion-forward aesthetics with advanced sports materials to offer a wholly unique look capable of standing out on the court, the field or the street. Advanced knit and woven fabrics combine with layered construction offer a variety of statement silhouettes that are rarely possible using traditional fabrics and stitching. These new fabrics and materials have enabled the designers to explore wholly new fashion territory while still maintaining a primary focus on athletic performance.

Look great at work or at play

While the aim of the Nike Tech Essentials collection is to push boundaries, it does this in a restrained and minimal way that is perfect for blending with already existing wardrobes. Want to add some futuristic sports gear to a pair of jeans? Try a full zip hoodie in a modern cut that still offers strategically placed ventilation. Or maybe you are looking for something that can take on an outdoor activity, yet still stands out in a hip new bar with unique and edgy design features? Then choose from a range of garments in adaptable layers and versatile anchors, ideal for mixing and matching to suit any occasion.

Never compromise on performance

When all is said and done, the Nike Tech Essentials collections is first and foremost a performance-based collection. Each item is designed to be breathable, lightweight and flexible, offering a full and unencumbered range of motion and minimum friction. Whether you are blasting away at the practice court, hitting the heavy bag at your boxing club or greeting the dawn with a morning jog, Nike Tech Essentials are an ideal way to maximize your ability to give it your all with a level of style that makes you want to be seen doing it! The Nike Tech Essentials collection contains a range of items for both men and women that include everything from fleeces and pullovers to wide-leg and Powerflex pants. You'll find them all right here at Foot Locker, ready and waiting to push your performance to the next level.