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Puma RS-0

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Puma reinvents the R-System legacy with the Puma RS-0

On 19 April, the revamped version of the classic RS-100 running shoe hit the shelves – the Puma RS-0. The 0 represents a new start for the athletics company, tying into the success of the shock absorption system invented in the 80s. The new model combines the shoe’s nostalgic aesthetics with modern technology and a more sophisticated sensor-aided interior.

The beginnings of the RS-0 Running System

In the 1980s, Puma launched its Running System with the RS-100: a running shoe that combined the highest standards of performance with a stylish package considered ahead of its time. Not long after that, Puma introduced the RS Computer Shoe, which featured a specially designed computer chip in the heel module. It kept track of running data like time, distance and calories burned. Building on the success of these two models, the RS series moved forward with futuristic aesthetics: Next came the RS-350. More than three decades later, Puma is reviving the franchise with the OG ‘Archive Green’ colourway.

Pure nostalgia, and still bang on trend

It begins with the RS-0, an updated version of the RS Computer Shoe. The RS-0 is a completely revamped version of the original, with a streamlined silhouette, a striped Puma logo, and the signature green colour block on the heel and sole of the shoe. The RS-100 and RS-350 are also available in retro versions, with the same design and material that made them unforgettable hits for runners in the 80s.

The Puma RS-0: Back to the 80s, in style

The Puma RS-0 features an 80s-style running shoe design in line with the neo-nostalgia trend, along with support in the midsole, rubber details on the heel, and upper materials in both textiles and leather. In addition to this OG-inspired core, Puma has partnered with influential brands and individuals to develop some exciting plans for these three models, tying the visuals of the shoes to areas such as gaming, music, photography, and other creative endeavours. The Puma RS collection has been available at select retailers since 14 April; the global release was planned for 19 April.

About Puma

Puma SE is a German multinational company headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria; it develops and manufactures athletic and casual shoes, clothing and accessories. Puma is the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The company was founded by Rudolf Dassler in 1948. In 1924, Rudolf and his brother Adolf Dassler had co-founded the shoe manufacturing company Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, but the relationship between the two brothers soured. In 1948, they agreed to divide their company into two separate businesses: Adidas and Puma.