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Reebok Classic - a guarantee for emotion and spirited living

Authenticity and emotion merged with sports and lifestyle. The Reebok Classic Range in our online shop offers a large selection of classics, cleverly combining old-school charm with the vintage spirit. Every fashion-conscious woman would love to have these models in her shoe collection. The rose-coloured Reebok Classic is the perfect item for streetwise it-girls. The colour spectrum of the entire Classic Collection has a fresh, feminine touch. Shoes with a charming retro look and slick lifestyle mood, comfortable to wear and attractive to look at, making you the centre of attention.

Reebok Classic From sports brand to street style label

The sports article manufacturer's launch of models such as the Reebok Classic in rose raises standards to a new high in the vintage footwear sector. Reebok started off making only sports shoes, but is now an established street style label. The company's origins can be traced back to Britain in 1895. J.W. Foster and Sons was founded in Bolton in that year, producing running shoes and race shoes. Around 30 years later, the company supplied race shoes to athletes competing at the 1924 Summer Olympic Games in Paris. A highlight in the recently founded company history, which didn't prove to be an asset to the family-run firm. Quite the opposite - the Reebok brand was forgotten for a time.

It was the Pentland Group who put the firm on the path to success

Beginning in 1958, the running shoe and race shoe manufacturer's expertise made headlines again when two grandsons of the company founder took over the business and renamed it Reebok. Things looked up from that point. In 1979, Paul Fireman, a U.S. businessman, acquired the rights of distribution for Reebok models for the whole of North America during an international trade show. A short time later, he launched three new running shoes onto the North American market, all achieving good sales results. But Fireman got into financial difficulties, and in 1981 Pentland Group took over Reebok for just 75,000 dollars. In a few short years, the new owner established Reebok as a major sports brand.

Homage to the Reebok success story of the 1980s and 1990s

The Reebok Classic range symbolises all of the cult brand's timeless classics from recent decades, mainly from the 1980s and 1990s, regarded as Reebok's most successful era. It was during these two decades that Reebok designs really gave the competition a run for its money. The sports article manufacturer, based in Canton, Massachusetts in the U.S.A., concentrates primarily on four factors, present throughout the current Reebok Collection. On the one hand, there is an increasingly strong trend towards more exercise and fitness. On the other hand, Reebok intensified its design projects for women's sports shoes, as the number of women practising sports has risen steadily. Reebok wanted to design shoes unifying sporty features, elements of street culture and leisure clothing. The sports article manufacturer also optimised procedures in its research and development department, leading to Reebok's pump technology, a true innovation in the late 80s, followed by DMX and Hexalite.

Reebok Classic for women: The Freestyle model represents Reebok´s lifestyle focus

The company shook up the market in 1982. Reebok launched the first sporty sneaker, designed for women only - the Freestyle model. Many people didn't take Freestyle seriously at first, but it gradually turned into the best-selling sports shoe/sneaker in Reebok's entire history. This shoe will always be associated with the aerobics boom, as many women started doing aerobics when they purchased the shoes. What makes the Freestyle model original is the vibrant colours and its multi-functionality. The shoe has more than just a sporty look. Ladies love it as a lifestyle shoe. It became a cult object. The vintage version of Freestyle is of course now available as Reebok Classic for women.

A large number of stars in the music business became Reebok partners. During the 80s and 90s in particular, Reebok reinforced its image with feminine charm and girl power. The label entered into partnerships with Venus Williams, and with Alicia Keys at a later date. The story doesn't stop there. Since the end of the 1980s, the list of musical talent acting as cooperation partners has included Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kid Ink and Travis Scott. A hip-hop producer from Swizz Beatz has also been given a Reebok partnership. Over a number of years, the influence of this tremendous group of VIPs has helped Reebok to develop into a sports label with street style character. Just browse through our shop. Our ladies' lifestyle range Reebok Classic for women includes hip, casual retro designs, bursting with charm and with a very special quality.

Reebok Classic: You can't escape the Lifestyle feeling

The Reebok Classic leather models in particular are instant eye-catchers. This legendary sports shoe radiates energy, recalling those great sporting events when athletes wore the shoes. This legendary shoe is available in a retro look, in different designs. Choose from Tough China, Ripple, Metallic, Marple, Nylon X Face, Diamond or Kendrick Lamar, for example - in a host of designs and different colour combinations, narrowing down your choice of favourite sneaker from our wide range of Reebok Classic models for men or women.