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Grade School Nike Air Force 1

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Send Your Style Soaring with Nike Air Force Junior Sneakers

Nike's Air Force Junior range brings one of the American label's most famous creations right up to date, allowing a whole new generation to discover what made them so great. Designed with athletes in mind, Nike Air Force boys and girls shoes will serve young sports fans well, providing the comfort, support and style required - whether they shine on the tennis or basketball court.

Nike Air Force Junior: A True 1980s Classic - Updated

Nike Air Force grade school shoes first appeared in 1982, having been inspired by the US President's Air Force One personal jet. With their distinctive velcro heel strap, and high-top silhouette, these shoes offered a uniquely futuristic profile - and they continue to impress. With their high-grip soles, these shoes offer everything basketballers could want, while hundreds of colourways ensure that they can settle into any youngster's footwear collection.

Explore the Unique Style of Air Force Junior Trainers

When they appeared in the 80s, Air Force shoes were out of this world. Their profile – a mix of velcro and laces, and dynamic grip – had never worked so well, and they became an instant sensation. Nowadays, the grip has been refined and improved, while the soles have been thickened, and low-slung and high-top versions are available. But the classic colour accents and silhouette remains intact, and is just as striking as ever.

Make Nike Air Force Junior Shoes Part of Dynamic Casual Looks

Thanks to the huge number of colourways available, kids can combine Nike Air Force girls and boys trainers with all sorts of outfits. For an active look that is ready for action when required, why not mix some Air Force shoes with Nike Tech tracksuits? Girls can wear them with Colourblock leggings for relaxing or hitting the gym, while other Nike Air Force grade school designs sport suede materials and would be great for any smart-casual occasions. And the Air Force Junior range appeals just as widely to girls as boys, so there are designs here for every young sportswear fan.

Pick Up Nike Air Force Junior Shoes for Less at Foot Locker

Whether you want some low-slung pure white grade school shoes to wear on the tennis court, or some brown leather high-top trainers to hop between the gym and the shopping centre, Foot Locker's collection of Air Force Junior shoes is the place to look. Our catalogue features all of the latest colourways and styles, making it easy for youngsters to top up their trainer collections.