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Foot Locker for Women

Foot Locker stocks a huge variety of sneakers and womenswear from many well-known brands. We're always keeping up to date with the latest women's fashion trends and womenswear brands - we are all about sneakers in women's fashion, but we offer much more than that. Foot Locker is a key player in high-quality, classic and on-trend sneakers and activewear in women's fashion, so browse our full range of womenswear products and treat yourself today.

Women's Fashion: stay on-point with Sneakers

Foot Locker lives and breathes sneakers, and we can offer an impressive range of options for women: from classic pairs to brand new models. Sneakers can, of course, be worn for exercise and sports but also as casual day-to-day wear. We know that some people take it very seriously finding the perfect sneaker, and so it is of the utmost importance to us too. Check out what we have to offer in terms of stylish women's sneakers.

Running Sneakers

Choosing the correct pair of running sneakers is imperative, whether you are an amateur jogger or experienced runner. We have a wide range of different styles of women's running sneakers suitable for all types of athletes. From track running sneakers to trail running shoes, Foot Locker offers it all in a large variety of colours and styles.

Tennis Sneakers

Tennis is a game of skill and class. It is important to have the right sneakers - and to look fantastic on the court; professional female tennis players don't play at Wimbledon in out-of-date-sneakers. Show that you're a follower of sporty women's fashion and ensure that you look as stylish and professional as the pros when you step on the court.

All-Purpose Sneakers

In this day and age, sneakers are often worn for other purposes outside sports. Foot Locker stocks sneakers suitable for all occasions and keep up with the latest trends in women's casual fashion. We stock a diverse number of colours and styles, giving you the choice to pick a pair that best represents you. Don't compromise style for comfort; our sneakers offer you both.


Foot Locker isn't just confined to sneakers (although they are our favourites); we also sell a comprehensive range of womenswear from many different women's fashion brands. So whether you are looking for something to wear while exercising or just everyday casual womenswear, we can help! Foot Locker stocks everything from t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and bras to tracksuit bottoms, jackets and much more.

Active Womenswear

When exercising or playing a sport, it is important to be comfortable and feel good. We supply a mixture of fashionable and trendy womenswear from an array of brands. So if you are in the market for a new set of jogging bottoms or a sports bra, you need to look no further! Our fashionable womenswear has options for every activity including tennis, badminton and football.

Women's Fashion

We have the latest in womenswear trends. Stocking brands from all over, Foot Locker is down with the current trends in women's fashion. We aim to provide customers with the largest range of sports womenswear and casual wear. Offering well-known brands and labels from the latest lines, we make sure we never fall behind the times.


Not just limited to sneakers and apparel, Foot Locker provides an assortment of accessories in our womenswear range, from sports equipment and bags to socks and hats. All our accessories are on par with current women's fashion and serve as the perfect compliment to your style.