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Soccer Help

Soccer Sizing Help, Tips & Information

Proper Fit (Shoes)

Toe Area: Glove like fit (allow room for toes to move comfortably) while standing up straight.

Width Area: Foot is supposed to fit comfortably without stretching the upper over the midsole of the shoe.

Heel Area: Try for a snug fit as the heel counter area is less padded and more firm.

Choosing the Right Cleat

Molded TPU cleats are available for a variety of surfaces firm ground (FG), hard ground (HG) and artificial grass (AG).

Firm Ground (FG) molded cleats work best on most firm natural surfaces (not too soft or too hard). Hard Ground (HG) molded cleats work best on most hard natural and artificial surfaces. Artificial Grass (AG) molded cleats work best on most artificial grass surfaces. Soft Ground (SG) cleats can either be molded or detachable and work best on soft or wet natural surfaces.

Molded rubber cleats are heavier but safer; especially for youth who are learning to play the game.

Turf shoes: feature smaller rubber studs or patterns on the outsole to improve traction on hard natural and artificial surfaces. Many players also use turf shoes for training drills or practice.

Indoor shoes: generally feature gum rubber (non-marking) flat outsoles for indoor or dry artificial surfaces.

Choosing the Right Soccer Ball

Ball Size Player's Age
1 & 2 promotional soccer balls
3 8 and younger
4 8-12
5 12 and older

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