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Puma Slipstream

Puma Slipstream


Born in the 80s, re-celebrated in the 2000s, and re-energized for today’s street, the PUMA Slipstream sneaker is making its way to your heart and closet. Discover this classic Basketball silhouette with our Stripers from Milan Mattia and Imma who’s also a PUMA ambassador. 

Modernized for the street without compromising its basketball roots, the Slipstream sneaker fits perfectly in any era and genre, allowing you to mix and create your own style. Made for both men and women, the Slipstream combines key features of a basketball shoe with a clean modern look. The tooling and upper are made contemporary with a sculpting midsole, different overlays, and a higher heel collar construction.

Our Stripers created different looks with this shoe. For men, they picked PUMA cuffed pants in a black colorway and paired them with a bright t-shirt. For women, they chose PUMA cuffed pants in a brown colorway and matched them with a black PUMA Classics Rib short sleeve Tee.

But the possibilities to style the PUMA Slipstream are endless! Check out this brash silhouette and create your one-of-a-kind fits.