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Salomon XT Rush

Salomon XTRush

Level Up in Style

Blaze Past Your Days in Style with the Salomon XT-Rush Collection

Why choose between the city and the lush trails when you can have both? The XT-Rush Collection by Salomon lets you revel in the comfort of both concrete city streets and twisty terrains of your favorite trail route. 

Authentic, edgy, and multi-functional, Salomon’s XT-Rush Collection is city-proof and trail-friendly, so you don’t have to think twice before you set out for your daily adventures. Made for long-lasting comfort, the knitted upper fits like a sock and the cool colorways offer a look that is sure to turn heads whether you’re headed to your usual coffee run or for a fun hike. Waiting is a thing of the past for you – the QuickLace technology makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to lace up and be on your way. 

It’s hard to believe that these shoes could do so much but to get some real insight into the wonders of Salomon, our very own Striper, Soufiane from Paris tells you just how wonderous the XT-Rush Collection is.  Soufiane particularly loves the QuickLace system and says, “It's good because, if you notice, we have woven material and it's comfortable on your feet. Personally, I wore it for two hours and my feet were really comfy in them. The technology works well, it’s cool!”.