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The Sneaker Finds its Home in Men's Fashion

It should go without saying, but we at Foot Locker don't mind reminding everyone of the truth: the day of the function-only sneaker is long gone! Because we love sneakers so much, we are delighted to see them take their rightful place at the heart of men's fashion and become a central part of daily menswear choices. At Footlocker, we offer a comprehensive selection of men's fashion choices when it comes to sneakers that are designed to help you enhance your look with the latest in casual men's fashion sneakers, over-the-top luxury sneakers and everything in between. Enjoy the wide range of options for premier men's fashion brands, including Nike, Converse, Diadora and Ellesse.

Adapt to the Latest Men's Fashion Trends

At Foot Locker, we keep abreast of all the latest innovations and developments to provide a selection of men's fashion sneaker brands that will allow you to complete your latest fashion-forward outfit. Whether it's a set of basic sneakers such as Cons or canvas kicks to go with a casual menswear denim-and-jacket outfit for the workplace or a high-fashion designer sneaker worn for maximizing street cred, the Foot Locker selection of men's fashion will give you everything you need to complete your look.

Sneakers that can go Toe-to-Toe with the Best Menswear Brands

We stand by the quality of each and every one of the sneakers in our menswear fashion selection and know that they can be used to enhance outfits of even the highest calibre of menswear fashion brands. Our designer sneakers are loud and in-your-face - a dab hand at setting off drapey blazers and singlets. For those really looking to push the boat out and challenge some fashion norms, our selection of high tech sneakers are the perfect way to add some flash. Whichever direction you choose to take your look, you can make it louder and prouder with a pair of Foot Locker sneakers that are the menswear choices of the moment.

Men's Fashion and Sneakers: The New Menswear Fashion Statement

. Once upon a time, women spent thousands on the right handbag and men spent the same on the right watch, looking to make that impactful statement that would set them apart. Nowadays, the right pair of sneakers can do exactly the same thing and you get to be effortlessly comfortable at the same time. Iconic silhouettes like those of the Air Jordan and the Samba have become instantly recognisable badges of cool. They let casual men's fashion lovers lay back and rock some understated cool. Let your shoes do some of the fashion heavy lifting with classic styles from the likes of Nike, Adidas and Reebok.

Embrace Your Own Style and Let the Trends Follow

While fashion trends are great to play around with, always remember that you are the master of your stylistic destiny and menswear collection. What does it matter if everyone else thinks a pair of sneakers rocks if you don't? We recommend you always stay true to your own unique vision and become the kind of person who leads instead of follows. We firmly believe that our comprehensive selection of sneakers and menswear online possesses something that will speak to your own unique vision, something that will let your personality announce itself to the world with gusto.